LIVE Intuitive Drawing and Medicine Painting Demo - Join in our just watch!

INVITATION to an OPEN HOUSE BROADCAST rooted in the Healing Arts

Hosted by CURATE Shiloh Sophia
Originally Recorded LIVE April 5th, 2024

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Mystical Tools & Logical Interventions to Support Your Path

  • Why is an education in the healing arts needed in times like these and how does it help the world become a better place?
  • What are the four primary 'mediums' that we work with in Intentional Creativity and why do they work? In other words, what's the science behind how creativity can help us.
  • What is the ONE thing that went VERY wrong in our history over the past 8,000 years and what can we do about it? This one shift changes SO MUCH.
  • What can you do with all of the ideas, dreams, and visions for your life that you have yet to realize?
  • What is the ancient and futuristic non-dogmatic spiritual tradition that can last beyond your lifetime that Shiloh Sophia talks about in her 500-year vision?
  • Join us for an experience in the Healing Arts and an introduction to the term and philosophy behind Animystica, our 2024 Intentional Creativity® Certification.

Hi, I'm Shiloh Sophia, inviting you to the awakening of a lifetime, this lifetime.

Those of us who choose to deepen our conscious awareness and bring our calling to the world often find ourselves at a mystery school.

Mystery schools almost always occur at a crossroads of convergent and divergent paths.

Animystica is just such a place, come explore!

Join us for an open house high-quality livestream, followed by an optional q to explore Musea's Mystery School: Animystica. Animystica is an invented vocabulary term that is a combination of honoring the life force and presence within all of creation and how it moves through us and with us, mystically, alchemically, metaphysically, and logically. We work at the intersection between embodied self-expression, spirituality rooted in ancient and futuristic philosophies, and the somatic sciences.

Learn about MUSEA University's 2024 Certification Training: ANIMYSTICA

We access the Soul's mysteries through a living curriculum rooted in image, language, ritual, community and experience of elemental ceremonies.

Interested in learning more?

ANIMYSTICA Intentional Creativity® Cura Certification Training

MUSEA University's Newest Certification Training
4 Optional In-Person Gatherings; Mexico, Sonoma (2) & Greece

About Anymistica

  • If you are interested in hearing your Soul's message for you.
  • If you are called to be healed and to heal others.
  • If you love the earth and all beings and want to deepen your relationship to creation.
  • If you are ready to be connected in a creative spiritual devotion that will last lifetimes.

About Shiloh Sophia

"Each one of us is carrying internal imagery from our inner world. The image below was my breakthrough drawing at the age of 23. I called it the Mama of Mamas and it fundamentally changed the way I view my creativity and my relationship with creation. I had been studying art for years, but it wasn't until I found my own internal imagery that I discovered my own true voice."
Curate Shiloh Sophia

For 30 years, Curate Shiloh Sophia McCloud has devoted her Body of Work to nurturing the emergence of a creative conscious community through self-expression.

She has published eight books, taught her curriculum at 3 universities, spoken at the United Nations for eight years, financed over seven galleries centering on women’s art, and provided millions of dollars of jobs for women worldwide in the arts.

While McCloud is an artist, storyteller, and teacher, she is also a futurist who founded one of the world’s largest global art movements, serving tens of thousands of students monthly called MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® and Consciousness.

She teaches a ‘Path of Practice’ in the arts and offers ceremonies based on the Wheel of the Year to repair our elationship with ourselves, the earth, and one antohher.

McCloud is a prolific painter with many sold-out shows. She still paints weekly for her own exploration and in online Certifications guiding a diverse global audience in creative spiritual exploration.