Priority Enrollment for ANIMYSTICA is currently closed. If you want to apply but missed the due date, email and if there are spots open she can assist you with an interview.

Shiloh Sophia also did a LIVE Open House and Q&A Session on April 5th, 2024. The recordings can be viewed by clicking the button below.

View the Open House Recordings Here

Have you answered your calling?
Is it your time to center your relationship with your gifts?
What would it be like to be in right relationship nature and the elements?
Would you like to study the four healing arts of Intentional Creativity?

ANIMYSTICA Training is an INITIATION in Embodied Self-Expression
Join us for a Mystery School at the Crossroads .:. June 1, 2024
VIRTUAL with Gatherings in California, Mexico and Greece


Quickening Your Life Force in Connection with Divine Source
Calling for the Return of the Village Healer in Each of Us

"For 30 years I have stayed true to my Calling. Part of that Calling is to Call others into deepening their devotion to their path in relationship with All of Creation. Animystica is a creative spiritual journey of awakening to what is yours to create this lifetime and offering you the tools to bring it to life.

I have four healing arts gifts that I have been cultivating all of this time, and I want to pass those gifts to you. 30 years of lived wisdom in 5 months will offer you tools you can use the rest of your life for your own healing, with others in times of grief, in times of trauma and in times of celebration."

Curate Shiloh Sophia

Gain Certification in Intentional Creativity® Healing Arts
Experience and Learn to Guide Elemental Ceremony
+ Medicine Painting + Quantum Healing + Intuitive Drawing

Held within the context of the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine

Experience the Quickening
To learn more about the Animystica training, start with Curriculum page to see what Animystica is all about. Visit the Structure page for training details to see how it is all delivered. Then, if you are called, fill out the application and receive an interview with Curate Shiloh Sophia to join us for a 5-month sacred container designed to catalyze your inner world and bring forth your work to realize your calling.

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We Hold Dear the Vision: We are Co-Creatives with all of Creation, every plant, animal and element. All life is sacred, including you. When we repair our relationship with Creation, we expand our capacity for conscious evolution. We access this relationship with our identity and creation through embodied Self-Expression. This training is designed to further your own unique pathway to living out the calling of your Soul in kinship with Sacred Life.