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Your Self-Expression is Sacred. All life is Sacred. Learn Sacred Teachings.
Your Voice & Vision are Needed. Your Leadership is what the world is seeking and you can feel that in your bones, right?

Rise in Love with creation from the depths of the mycelium
to the heights of the stars and with all the creatures in between.


Welcome to our Mystery School at the Crossroads
The Initiation to Reveal Your Sacred Calling
Discovering Leadership through Self-Expression
Embodying and shaping your Identity on your terms.

A Gathering for Wild Wise Women on the Path of Embodied Soul
To invoke Intimacy and Interconnection with all of Creation
through Collaborating with Earth, Cosmos, and the Divine Mother

We are summoning Healers, Creatives, Coaches, Guides, Storytellers, Mystics, Teachers, Oracles, Priestesses, Advocates, Activists & Wisdom Walkers.

Amplify your gifts and liberate your message with somatic self-expression,
trauma-inspired approaches, neuroscientific repatterning, elemental ceremony, nature rituals, and mystical interventions!

June 1 - November 5, 2024

Intentional Creativity® Cura
The Healing Arts Certification

Guided by
and the Wisdom-Walkers

Be Certified as an Intentional Creativity Cura to Teach
Medicine Painting & Metacognitive Drawing
Guide Quantum Healing & Elemental Ceremony

You are invited to be a part of co-creating an Ancient-Futuristic Spiritual Tradition designed to last for 20 Generations
that honors our Relationship with All of Creation

This Journey takes place over FIVE months both Virtually and Where You Live in the Natural World
Additional Gatherings: Mexico, California & Greece
with Private Coaching Choices and Ceremonies
For Everyone on the Path of Healing
who is called to Be a Co-Creator in the Natural World.

This is a Call to Conscious Evolution. An Initiation Journey Rooted In Matriarchal Teachings includes Rituals + Painting + Writing + Community + Modern Animism + Matriarchal Ancestry + Forgiveness Shaping of Identity + Repair from the Dominant Era
and lots and lots of Ceremony.

In your 5-month painting and writing journey, you will:
Create from your Soul Codes: the imagery, symbols, language & story that illustrate your Calling in the Healing Arts.

You will create a book of your work, an Artifact of your message.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to make your book while
women in your community cohort are making their book. Collective wisdom and access to the quantum interconnection will guide us.

The foundation of the Curriculum arises from LOVE. We will guide you through experiencing these four Sacred Teachings, empowering you with the Archetypal Presence of the Cura: One who cares, cures, mends, and heals.


What will we learn?

OH so many things, but the heart of the curriculum in terms of what we actually DO in the training is rooted in the the Four Healing Arts Modules.
We will access logical and mystical States of Consciousness
through Intentional Creativity to Experience, Practice and Adapt the four CURA Healing Arts Natures, Archetypes and Modules. Here's a brief look.

Four Healing Arts Modules


Elemental Ceremony

Rituals with creation and community to collaborate with nature, seasons and cycles



Intuitive Self- Expression for healing purposes and to transform old patterns and stuck trauma



Particle and Wave Healing Method in coherence with the natural world and the our inter-connectivity



Right brain Left brain and the heart access to your inner world to liberate insight and action

Why do we need a new spiritual tradition?

What is the training
and the animism theme?

Conscious Logical and Mystical Collaboration with Creation
All Creatures Great and Small

ANIMYSTICA is a real-time live training for those who have a message within them and are seeking a way to express it in this lifetime. It is for those who desire to repair with earth and wild life and want to invent a future we believe. Through collaboration with the intelligence and living presence of creation from the mycelium to the cosmos and everything and everyone in the in between. For those seeking a spiritual path within community, either as a member or as a leader, an Ancient-Futurist Lineage is a consciously curated culture that honors all of life as it has been in our Ancestry and Co-Created the Future we envision together.

We are calling for the return of the Village healer, but that doesn't mean you have to have supernatural powers. You can carry gifts and process with you that anyone can learn, and anyone can benefit from.

We can consciously evolve, and we must. We interrupted the patterns of natural evolutionary cycles when we stopped treating every part of creation as having inherent value and aliveness.

When water was no longer treated as a 'being' we felt free to dominate it. This is wrong and we need repair.

We call it modern animism for now because I know we can't go back. But we can learn from the ancients to create the future in relationship with all of Creation and Creatures. Becoming animistic, in relationship with all of creation is the first step in mending and the most powerful step I have ever taken personally.

There is an innate evolutionary intelligence that animals, especially the big cats, carry and can teach us. Wildlife Photographer, and Intentional Creativity Educator, Julie Steelman will be joining us to share about our inter-connection with the Wild Life and how it can collaborate with humans. If we are going to talk about animism, likes look at the root meaning life and soul and where else it exists: animal.


Watch this video to learn more about what we mean when speaking of Animism

Powerful Undercurrents Informing our Culture, Community and Curriculum and the Earth Record

To look forward, we first look back to learn and grow. 

Here at MUSEA, we are a Museum, University, Sanctuary, Ecosphere, and Apothecary. Beneath the philosophy of MUSEA is an abiding respect for the Rights of Nature and Archeomythology , which tells us the story of place and our Ancestors. The illustration below indicates that our Ecosphere Work connects with the Earth's record. 

All of our research and what informs our offerings is rooted in exploring and hopefully understanding who we are and where we are going as a species in relationship with all of creation. To do this work of looking forward, we first look back. This illustration, created by our Co-Founder, Curate Shiloh Sophia, which is always in process, is an exploration of the human timeline in relationship with creation, what she calls "Kinship with Creation." One of the points she makes is that we have not always been a warring dominator, but to know that, we must look back at where we have been. To do that, we look at the earth record of the earth and the artifacts. Part of our work as ritualists, activists, and creatives includes awareness of the art of our history so that it can inform the art makers and policymakers of the future.

Can I take it for myself or do I need to be an educator, healer or artist already?

The Training can be taken for Personally or Professional use. You can become Certified to Guide Intentional Creativity based Healing Arts Practices for Yourself and Those you Serve Love and adapt them to your chosen mediums.

Personal: You are Experiencing your own Revelation and Transformation - You are doing this for YOU. You are ready for a more devoted path of practice.
You are Guiding others with the materials and process - and most likely already work with others individually or in groups. You wish to add self-expression to your body of work.

These Healing Arts Practices and Sacred Teachings have been passed hand to hand and will be shared with you to amplify your vision, message, and dream for our world.

As part of your Initiation, you will:

Build your portfolio into an illustrated, painted, written book that guides you and your Beloved. We will provide training on creating your book by hand, digitally, or both.

You will bring your dreams into form, making the invisible visible.

2 Major Paintings - Big paintings that encompass your vision and your journey.

2 Minor Paintings - Medium-sized paintings that hold the teachings.

Mother Tongue Writings - Stories and Teachings that accompany your paintings.

Flower Altar in a Drum head at MUSEA

Love is at the Center of All of Our Choices. When we create from LOVE for LOVE what we Create carries the

Ritual in and with nature creates coherence and relationship.

What would be different in your life if you consciously choose a an embodied relationship with nature, so powerful that nature feels like your sibling, or a family member?

Vigil Shiloh Sophia McCloud 2024 - ORIGINS Star Song


Dear One,

As one with a message, gifts to share, and teachings to offer, you are invited to experience the Sacred Rites of the Intentional Creativity® Lineage to amplify your Vision. Your Self-Initiation can be a deep, mysterious, and joyful journey into your identity, spirit, body, and Soul guided by processes in the Healing Arts and your relationship with nature.

Throughout our time together, you will further develop your body of work as you experience our teachings and we experience yours. Yes, this isn't just a one-way transmission - you are teaching all of us as you learn - reciprocity is being created in real-time. If you don't have something to share yet, don't worry - you will. We hope you like to be in nature, to listen to the sounds of the birds and the waters, because that is a big part of our curriculum.

MUSEA, the community, and the Cura Council, our leadership, are a 30-year-old village with a 500-year Vision. We are founding a spiritual and cultural tradition rooted in a feminine Ancient-Futurist Ethos. We seek those who desire leadership in our lineage and have messages that will shape your future path and the capacity to influence the path of other human beings and our kinship with Creation.

We have tens of thousands of members worldwide, over 300 leaders, a private app (off of social media) a physical campus with a gallery, dorm, ranch, and kitchens, and a global classroom and museum with intimate regional leadership, support structures, and weekly ways to connect.

This isn't a pop-up community run remotely - we have had a physical location to serve our community since 1997. We have been passing teachings from hand to hand since the 1930s. You can be initiated into this circle. If you feel connected and called, join us!

Let's take the next step together. Please take the time to slow down. To read and ponder. To look at the images. Get a cuppa tea and read it aloud to yourself. This page was hand-made with no Artificial Intelligence copy - with art and words by Shiloh Sophia, Curate and MUSEA Founder.

Feel into the page as if it is a portal to the ancient future made just for you.

With love,
The Cura Council

p.s. The Cura Council is the Ceremonial leadership at MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity and Consciousness, composed of Guild members who are graduates from the past 14 years of Certification trainings.


Ask a question:

This is a Mystery School at the crossroads of the past, present, and future—and the imaginal future we are co-creating.


With an Invitation to study On-Location in Mexico, California and Greece!

Apply & Book your One-on-One Interview with Curate Shiloh Sophia

MUSEA University has been offering certifications since 2010. We have over 800 Graduates Worldwide who have been trained in our programs. Animystica is the ONLY new training offered for the next year and the only training available to enroll in right now.

You will receive a Certification in the Intentional Creativity Healing Arts - which means you can teach what we have taught you and make it your own. The Archetypal gate is called the Cura.


To Develop Imagination, Intuition, and a Capacity to Navigate to the Future

To Call forth a Lineage of the Sacred Feminine in Relationship and Intimacy with Earth and Star.

To Establish a NEW spiritual tradition that brings the invisible into the visible through the work of the Mystic in the Natural World.

"Self-expression is a form of magic. Choosing to take the inner world of the unseen and bring it into the visible world of the seen." ~ Shiloh Sophia


Everyone carries the gifts of an inner healer and guide. Some choose to use those gifts to serve others.

A Mystery School isn't for everyone, yet if you can relate to any of these questions, Animystica may be the path you are looking for OR that is seeking you!

  • Are you someone who knows and feels you want to awaken your Inner Healer's message? This will offer you clear direction.
  • Are you already a Healer and want to add self-expression and spiritual practice to your healing arts? This will provide the next level of initiation.
  • Do people seek out in times of need, even if you are still on your healing journey? Somehow, you instinctively know how to help.
  • You carry gifts within yourself that you need to activate and are called to help others. You want to heal the inner healer...
  • Are you not yet living the full potential you came to earth for? Even if you don't know what it is, you sense it and feel you have a message within.
  • Are you concerned about the future of our planet and our species? Do you want to be a source of reason, hope, and honorable action?
  • Are you called and curious about the Sacred Feminine and seek an emergent ancient futuristic nature-based spiritual practice?
  • Do you dream of creating a book, physical and an e-book that represents your wisdom and experiences you believe can help others on their path? Even if you don't know what they are - don't worry - WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO ACCESS YOUR OWN DEEPEST INNER SOUL WISDOM - THAT IS WHAT WE DO!


At MUSEA University, you begin a Path of Practice rooted in your self-expression. You follow a clear path of mystical teachings and experience the Sacred Rites of Intentional Creativity®.

Our curriculum is DESIGNED from the mycelium's root system to the cosmos's star system so you can access YOUR CONTENT and reveal it in FORM.

You will EXPERIENCE the teachings of Animystica, and for those who CHOOSE to learn to GUIDE the Healing Arts Practices based on the Four Natures.

As a graduate of our training, you will join a global community of creatives and healers who work together to further, protect, and steward humanity and our animystical relationship with creation.

If you have been looking for a journey of healing that empowers you to engage in healing with others.

If you have been seeking a spiritual community grounded in practice with ethics and rigor.

If you have been praying for a way to bring your gifts forward, then you have arrived!
We welcome you to our Global MUSEA Community of Many Lands and Many Hands ❤️

Photo from a Graduation Gathering at MUSEA in Sonoma California

Our Cohort will walk with these women in their unique wisdoms.
They will be guiding experiences virtually, and in person at our events.















Message from our Founder

Portrait of the Artist in her Studio - March 2024 - Photo by Jonathan McCloud

Hi! I am so glad you are here. I truly am. If I have met you before, or this is our first time connecting, I have called you, and you have called me. I am Shiloh Sophia.

One of our community's core teachings is the understanding that we are already connected and that we are both called to THIS CIRCLE at THIS TIME for THIS WORK.

I am Shiloh Sophia. I have been practicing the Healing Arts for 30 years. As an artist, educator, author, and ceremonialist, I am devoted to guiding others to sacred self-expression initiations.

While our identity continues to inform us as we remember who we are and what we came here for. For those of us in the healing arts there are four archetypal facets and gifts of who we are that are always present. The 4 Natures: Cosmic, Human, Earth, and Spirit.

Through the Animystica training, we will guide and educate you on the ways of the CURA from within our tradition. CURA comes from the Latin root term for help, care, or cure. The Intentional Creativity® Cura will carry these gifts for those she chooses to serve and for her self-nurturing.

In the next section I am sharing a message that our Ancestor, Carmen Baraka sent to me and Jonathan in December of 2020, that serves as the inspiration for our ceremonial practice here at MUSEA. I will see you in Circle!


"This lets me explain what it’s like to be in Circle and Ceremony, which has been handed down since the beginning of time. It’s like breathing into Grace, into the quantum field. To be in a moment of reverence where you are set free to experience the validity of the true nature of spirit, the sublime nature of beingness. To know you are between worlds, the I am that I am. I am most comfortable here in this place of giving and receiving, in this place of quantum identity, where you find out and can feel this realm in a profound way, an actual view that we are all interconnected, an alignment with the stars. When you can actually experience what you feel is your deepest truth, hold it in your hand and have it be tangible, that is the gift that is pure joy, that is the awakening.

When you can hear the stories of the past, the information of the future and the power of the now, understanding that all aspects are in play at all times, this juxtaposition of realities catalyzes Omni Presence in a way that can be understood. Everything actually isn’t always fleeting, not if you see it as all aspects in play simultaneously. When we can truly understand the depth and breadth, then we can understand that everything that has been and will be, the knowledge of all time, is already within us. We must move through the Corridors - the portals of our timeless mind, body, spirit, the realm of the oneness of creator, of source, the realms of all possibilities"

Carmen Baraka and Shiloh Sophia at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Reminder: The only way to know if this training is for you is this:Slow down. Make some tea. Get a journal. Read this page slowly. Stop scrolling looking for the specifics. FEEL the page.



We will teach you to use these Sacred Rites and Teachings for yourself and to guide those you choose - whether that is your family and friends, your community, or your practice with clients and guests at your table. The four Archetypes we will study, experience, and paint as we learn to embody the CURA are The Mystic, The Healer, The Creative, and The Protector.

The Intentional Creativity Cura with LOVE at the Center will be woven from an experience of following the Four Practices: Archetypes, Practices, Intentions, Vocations, Relationship Repair, and Initiations.

We will paint, write, speak, and experience these four and then Self-Initiate as a Cura. This can be a personal initiation if you do not want to teach but just want to experience it, OR you can learn it to share it with others in your own unique message. The work you create in the training will form the foundation for your BOOK.

You will paint two major paintings. One includes all the Archetypes leading up to the Cura and all the Elements. This painting will last for the entire training. The second painting will offer an image of your message, the heart of your healing and care, and be the center point of your book.

You will also have an illustrated ANIMYSTICA notebook with your drawings.

The training will take you through each archetype and arrive at the archetype of the Cura.The Cura is the embodiment of the village healer, wise woman, storyteller and all around creative genius and mystic badass. Imagine going through each one of these, healing the shadow and experiencing initiations which prepare you for creating the future you envision.


Ceremony as Elemental Curriculum

Connect with Cosmos

Key Themes:
Revelation, Between Worlds Seeing, Visionary Gnosis, Balance between Heaven and Earth

Counterpoint Themes:
Confusion, Self Doubt,
Rigidity of Belief, Judgement of Self and Others, Despair

Cosmic Nature: Connecting with Intentional Practices and Soul Codes

Quantum Healing + Particle to Wave +

Repair Relationship:
With Time, Past, Present and Future Selves. Repair with Soul Story.

Honors our place within creation. Develop your relationship with the mystery.

Practice and offer Quantum Healing
Bring healing, remedies, inter-connected teachings, and between-world journeys. Guide intentional practices rooted in metaphysics for transformation.

In Community:
This archetype manifests as the Shamanka, a visionary and medium in the community.

Unrealized potential and struggle to connect with true voice and intuition. Challenges navigating what is real and a temptation to spiritually bypassing. Distracted by blaming the structures of the past and feeling hopeless about the future.

Realized Potential:
Clear seeing, clear voice, able to navigate liminality, feeling connected to life

Connect with Nature

Key Themes:
Transformation, Alchemy, Choice, Innovation, Movement

Counterpoint Themes:
Exhaustion, isolation, stagnation, seeking outward, disconnection from the natural world,
stuck trauma patterns

Earth Nature:
Connecting with the Wheel of the Year and Ritual and time in nature

Elemental Ceremony + Modern Animism + Movement

Repair Relationship:
With Creation, Earth, and Creatures. Repair with Inner Healer

Honors all creation as having life, energy, and ensoulment. Develop your Healing Practice

Brings sacred teachings, reciprocity, ritual and Elemental ceremonies rooted in the elements of creation. Guides sacred relationships with nature-based rituals, cycles & seasons.

In Community:
This archetype manifests as the village healer, wise woman and Shamanka.

Staying stuck on a healing journey without ever arriving or giving yourself credit for arriving. Feeling always like not enough and waiting for something else to drop in. Procrastination and blame of self or society. Feeling all alone.

Realized Potential:
Well being, joy, vision, able to be a co-creator with life

Connect with Humanity

Key Themes:
Creation, Manifestation, Community, Ritual, Curation, Inspiration

Counterpoint Themes:
Fatigue, Lack of Direction, Blocked Access to internal wisdom, workshop junkie without doing the work, melancholy

Human Nature: Connecting with Imagination and Storytelling

Medicine Painting + Oracular Speaking +

Repair Relationship:
With Self, Humans, and Collective Story. Repair with DNA Family.

Honors the essential goodness of Human Beings and invites our capacity to heal ourselves and others. Develop your Painting Approach

Experience and Teach Medicine Painting. Bring guided process, access to intuition, and initiatory curriculum. Guide intuitive painting and storytelling for inspiration.

In Community:
This archetype manifests as the artist, inventor, designer, muse, instigator, and visionary.

Feelings of unworthiness or comparison to others. Unable to bring ideas into form. Guilt around visions that haven't come into being. Feeling of wasted time. Anger without a place to go that gets directed inward.

Realized Potential:
Self-expression, capacity to invent and guide, collaborate with what is

Connect with Spirit

Key Theme:
Celebration, Collaboration, Knowing What Matters, In Love with Nature, Choosing Spirit even in uncertainty

Counterpoint Themes:
Depression, Accusation, Hopelessness, Can't see the Future, Asking Why all the time

Spiritual Nature:
Connecting with Intuition through Self-Expression and Kinship with Creation

Metacognitive Drawing + Mother Tongue Writing + Prayer

Repair Relationship:
With your worldview, messaging, and actions for your life. Repair with land and Indigenous Cultures

Develop your Spiritual Practices and Connection with the Divine Feminine. Choose your part in the evolution.

Bring forward the energy of protection, stewardship, and care—live it while teaching about it. Our sacred responsibility is to collaborate with creation. Offer drawing and writing to others to aid in their transformation.

In Community:
This archetype manifests as the leader, spiritual guide, prayer warrior, common-sense maker, and activist.

In so much personal struggle, unable to show up for sacred responsibility and co-creation. Overly sensitive to the point of inaction and needing protection when really you want to support others.

Realized Potential:
On track with your sacred mission and vision in collaboration with creation.

Where we are headed: Archetype CURA

Connect with the Soul

Key Themes:

Self-Initiation and Lineage

Counterpoint Themes:
Lone Wolf, Unrealized Purposes

Soul Nature:
Activating Soul Powers and Living in Alignment

Creating Your Message + Making Art + Making your Book

Repair Relationship:
with Your Identity and the Path Ahead, Land and the Community

Living Your Message Your Way in Collaboration with Creation

In Community:
The Village Healer, Sage, Guide, Council Leader, Guild

A world where there are not enough who have done their work.

Realized Potential:
Self-Realized in Sacred Reciprocity

The Four Natures are the Path of Practice pathways we access to learn the Sacred Rites of the Healing Arts. Each of the Natures has a process that goes with it that we will teach you. While we use Intentional Creativity as the HOW to get to our healing, consciousness, and capacity, this isn't about art or talent or being good at art.

Self-expression is just THE HOW we learn about our Natures. There are SO MANY great teachings and teachers out there, but without action in the matter-based world, ritual, and connection with nature, the ideas remain abstract. Let's ground the teachings in the natural and cosmic worlds within us and creation.

PLUS! Wild Cat wisdom/Wild Sacred EQ with Julie Steelman - Adjunct Faculty

Delve into the untamed depths of wild sacred intelligence with Julie, a seasoned wildlife photographer. Together, we'll unveil the fierce wisdom of big cats, drawing profound parallels between their instinctual prowess and our own journey of self-discovery. This transformative exploration will lead you to embrace the intimacy and co-creative essence mirrored in the natural world, guiding you through the uncertain terrain of modern life.

Discover profound insights into your own existence as you unlock optimal blueprints for thriving in this transformative era. Explore the deep connection between humanity and nature, learning to navigate life's uncertainties with the resilience and grace of the majestic lioness. Through this journey, we'll unlock the secrets of wild cat wisdom, revealing hidden connections between nature and human consciousness, empowering you to strengthen yourself and your sacred work.

Together, we'll carve a path for your fierce feminine wisdom in a world yearning for authenticity and transformation. Inspired by the grace and strength of big cats, we'll uncover timeless truths that resonate deeply with your existence. Through immersive experiences, embodiment and reflective practices, we'll tap into the essence of intimacy and resilience, forging a new path for your feminine wisdom amidst to have a place in today's ever-changing landscape.

Kathleen Brigidina will share her unique Sacred Earth Art process, eco-studio, and creative teachings. She will share what she’s discovered through her Eco-Apothecary experiments and explorations of the Anima Mundi. Co-creating in communion with Earth and being guided to create a painting ritual that invites us into deeper listening, relationship, engagement, remembrance, and divine child playfulness, using Earth pigments, holy well waters, peace fire coals, crushed shells, crystals, woven plants, stones, ceremonial cedar oils, and so much more.

The Five Muses by Shiloh Sophia 2024

Redwood Pathway at Musea Center in Sonoma, California

You may notice the Red Thread throughout this invitation. At MUSEA, the Red Thread is a special community symbol we use as we each hold our own piece yet are connected to each other through the Quantum Realm. We are all connected regardless of space and time...

"All of us carry these potentials. I don't think I am unique in carrying these aspects of my identity. I have worked with tens of thousands of women and all of us are carrying the archetypal Soul Powers that we seek for ourselves and that we can use to be a blessing to others and create intimacy with Earth and Cosmos." ~ Shiloh Sophia

CURA - Medicine Woman, Village Healer, One who Cures and Cares

For many years, we have searched for one word to summarize all four of these Archetypal Powers. Finally, one day, we landed - in Cura. Cura is a Latin term that means to help, care, or cure—words like curable, curate, curative, accurate, secure, and curandera/o.

A Cura follows a path that honors all of life as ensouled with inherent life and value and honors the great mysteries. We call this practice the foundation of our Spiritual Tradition, Animystica.

When I asked myself: What does the world need the most?
The answer:
Curing. We need healing.

Okay, so what is the very next step then?
The answer:
People who are healing themselves so that they can bring healing to others.

Yet we cannot sacrifice ourselves in the process; we must also care for ourselves. That's where self-expression, community, lineage, and a compass of guiding principles come in. That's where Animystica comes in.

Are you called to join us?

This is a no-obligation application-to-interview process.

Apply Today!

Every Mystery School has a Body of Work that includes its Core Curriculum. The Mother Tongue teachings are the larger sacred container for all the materials in ANIMYSTICA and inform the community and shape the culture being created.

















Caring for the

Soul of the


Spiritual-Somatic Sensuality

with Animate




What if What You Have Been Seeking
is Also Seeking You? Can it be otherwise?

Do you feel the call of the Red Thread?

Here is one of many gatherings at MUSEA Center in Sonoma, California. Animystica students will have the opportunity to gather in person to study with Shiloh Sophia, experience ceremony, sit in Red Thread Circle, create art, enjoy meals together, and much more! This is optional as the full training is delivered online.


Explore In Person Gatherings!

We have plans to visit MEXICO, GREECE and California. These are optional and not required but of course, we designed them to go along with the training. Those in the university will get additional units.

Spiritual and Somatic Training Tools for Connection
and Who This Training is For

Experience personally and offer transpersonally - lead groups and in private practice.

All teachings are rooted in the ancient future and the Sacred Feminine.

  • Activate and articulate your body of work - you will paint, illustrate, and write your book about the work you create in our training.
  • While no painting or drawing talent is needed, you will create 2 Major Paintings and 2 minor paintings that embody your body of work and your message.
  • Experience & learn to guide in-depth processes designed to awaken consciousness and embodiment for EVERYONE.
  • Become the Village Healer for yourself and your village - the Archetype of the Healer who carries a message. A Cura is a person who cares for the soul of their family, village, and community. A Cura recognizes the need for personal work and is inspired to do it so that they might move into the space of the collective soul and serve in the transpersonal domain.

This training is for people who are at a crossroads. Does any of the following resonate?

  • STRUCTURE: You are in the healing arts and still trying to figure out your fullest healing modality.
  • FREEDOM: You see the benefit of embodied self-expression and want to experience it and share it
  • CHANGE: you identify as a shaman within yourself - even if you are a stay-at-home mom or in the corporate grind
  • HOPE: You want to do your part to heal the planet but still aren't sure it's possible or how
  • MESSAGE: You know your soul has a purpose but can't hear it; if you can hear it, you are struggling to act on it
  • RESPECT: You feel a deep longing and connection with nature and want to live in alignment with it, but you have lost a spiritual path that makes sense, is relevant, and is rooted in social justice
  • JOY: You understand the serious nature of our evolution as a species from the perspectives of climate change, timelines, and justice. However, you still want to find a place for play, humor, and downright celebration without apology for joy.
  • VISION: You are ready for a lifestyle upgrade and are looking for training - not to validate what you ALREADY KNOW INSIDE but to make what you FEEL in the INVISIBLE World come to LIFE in the VISIBLE World

Maybe you're searching for solutions to the pain of being human, that is:

  • Spiritual yet non-dogmatic without assumptions and with ethics.
  • Deep yet accessible to all, without conditions.
  • Mystical yet grounded in real life and science.
  • Natural yet magical in the everyday life of humans.
  • The invisible made visible is the work of the mystic in the natural world.

What is a self-initiation?

And why do I want a ritual like this?

Many of us missed having a rite of passage in our lives. Marking time, marking loss, shaping identity, moving from one relationship or place to another. Humans long to mark time that indicates we have gone through something and now we are at a new threshold, a new beginning. We love a chance for a fresh start.

At ANIMYSTICA you will be self-initiating through your path of practice. Through the creation paintings, drawings and writings you will arrive at an expanded sense of self and a clearer sense of calling.


In ANIMYSTICA, you will be given the Sacred Rites of the Ancient Future, engaging with the very personal relationships you choose to serve.

Human Nature

With yourself and your inner world. With your chosen human relationships and kinships. Healing pathways of connection.

Spiritual Nature

With your community and inner circle. With the collective beyond your personal experience, known reality, or belief system.

Earth Nature

With creation and cosmos and all beings. With earth, air, fire, water, wood, metal and stone. With your animystical relationships

Cosmic Nature

With the cosmos, the mystery, the quantum world and the somatic sciences of inter-connection with all of life. Engage with the mystery to Initiate the great unfolding.

SOUL Nature

Once we begin to truly practice the Four Natures, we engage at a fuller level with our Soul Powers. From here, the archetype of the CURA can weave through us.

WAYS to PRACTICE with the skills we will teach you.

  • Medicine Painting for Soul Healing & Remembrance
  • Metacognitive Drawing for Insight & Intuition
  • Matter 2 Energy Meditation for Soma=Spirit
  • Mother Tongue Transmission for Clear Voice
  • Muse-Infused Mindfulness for Imaginal Clairconciousness
  • Meta Movement & Drumsong for Embodied Being-ness
  • Mystical Animystic Rituals for Co-Creative Ceremony

In other words, 'get your Oracle on!'

When we activate our Oracle, we gain access to the codes of the Great Work hidden within us.

Most of us —yes, we said most —carry unique hidden gifts waiting for us to awaken our access to the inner world. The inner world of the mystic meets the natural world of the animist.

The future is uncertain, yet your path ahead doesn't need to be. Who are you, and what is your Soul whispering to you?


The Intentional Creativity® painting approach allows students to connect to the subconscious mind and intuition, letting go of preconceived ideas and the desire to force outcomes. This is an invitation to be self-expressed and to sense and allow each layer of paint to inform what arises next and the story that gets revealed.

There are no mistakes, and no talent is needed. We are aligning the right and left brain with the heart and the hands. Allow your paintings to evolve based on heart callings, visions, and playful experimentation - it's about self-expression, discovery, and allowing creativity to flow without constraints. In the process, magic happens that often surprises us with messages and the power to heal.

Is Self-Expression about talent?

This painting was created as the demo using Medicine Painting during our ORIGINS Intentional Creativity Guardian Training. The poetry and stories arise from within the context and learning of the paintings. This painting is still in process, is 5X5 feet and arcylic on canvas. Painted via livestream with our cohortWritten March 16, 2024.

Milk of Creation by Shiloh Sophia

There is a pulse pulsing

a vibration vibrating

a hum humming us

We are sung strummed

by creation’s sensations

drum drum drumming us

The soft low steady rhythm

heartbeat of all that is

is moving us to her sound

If the waters are my family

and the wind is my sibling

and the mountain is grandmother

the forest is grandfather

then the sun sunning

is mothering me

I am Mothered

by the nature of nature

the essence of power

powering me in her majesty

moon keeps me company

Living, breathing, ensouled being

of the great animystic

intentional creativity

I seek the kinship of

your good company

 I see you, I feel you, I smell you,

I sense you, I love you

In the first red red rose of spring

the greening tips of the redwood tree,

the promise of ripe red apple

feeding me mystery

The redwing black bird is

flying me home again and again

and again, calling me home

I am craving

to nurse again from the

breast of divine life,

breathe breathing through me

breathe breathing through me

breathe breathing through we

I am hungry

for the milk of creation

lifting me,

I want to be milk drunk

and fall asleep

in her giant greening lap

surrounded by blossoms of

the magnolia tree

fragrancing me

Petals playing in my hair

The dreamer is dreaming me

As I am lifted

I am Nourished in the stardust

Stardusting in me

Ancient remembrance

furthering me

Future visions

Dancing me

Sound sounding

Hearing the call for me,


I call you,

do you hear me?

Because I am bathed in

The soul of nature naturing me

I remember you

For you are always with me

I made you this poem

out of soft silver olive leaves

pink camellia blooms blooming

and an opalescent

a nipple-shaped seashell

curling so beautifully

The dreamer is dreaming me

I am rising now in the darkness

of the morning libations

With the milk of creation

still sweet on my lips

I am speaking this to you

Through me, for you

There is a pulse pulsing

a vibration vibrating

a hum humming us

hummmmm hummmmm

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of a mere being." ~Carl Jung

How does our approach to painting work?

A Legacy of Wisdom is Passed Forward

On the left, here's me at 23 with my mentor, the Art Matriarch, Sue Hoya Sellars, at the start of my VERY first art show - featuring poetry, pottery, photography, and painting. That show was sold out and was the beginning of my journey as an artist healer and entreprenuer. On the right, here's me at 53 just last month, teaching the ideas she taught me and that I have taught to tens of thousands of women and their families worldwide.

I was raised in a matriarchal culture and that informs all of my work. Matriarchy is not the opposity of patriarchy and has nothing to do with specific men, women or gender-non-conforming.

Why does this training matter to you?

I have provided revolutionary imagery, stories, and teachings for 30 years. Of course, it has always felt important; otherwise, I would not have devoted my life to it. And. It is time for the next evolution of education that is full-spectrum, integrative, spiritual, and practical and invites us to become the beings we know ourselves to be.

The easiest way to talk about it in popular culture is that we are 'remembering' who we are. We are at a crossroads, looking to make an impact. We know we are called, yet we often don't know how to answer. Not really. We have a lot of ideas and dreams but often lack structure. Animystica offers the structure to Call forth your Great Work through eight Intentional Creativity Teachings.

Sometimes, it can be challenging to say what you want to share because people will judge you. Who does she think she is? Doesn't she have issues like the rest of us? Did a real shaman train her?

So, I will say this. I have been doing the work and feel 'ready enough' to invite you into your wisdom. My wisdom and content are DESIGNED to activate your wisdom. Really. I have certified over 600 women in over 14 years of training. I have served tens of thousands of students with complimentary education. I have created and sold hundreds and hundreds of paintings. I am carrying unique information to share with you; it isn't hidden, but it takes time and devotion to access it. That is why any training with us is a call to a Path of Practice.

Is art duplicating Nature?

Additional reasons you would want to take the Animystica Intentional Creativity Cura Certification Training is:

  • Because you feel called, even if you don't know why.
  • You are ready for a big life change and your next path.
  • You have left your spiritual tradition and aren't sure where to go next.
  • You are hiding your gifts and ready to reveal them your way.
  • You don't want to play the game offered by work, media, and money systems, but you know you have something to offer and feel the time is now.


ANIMISM IS CONNECTION BETWEEN the EARTH and the COSMOS and the HUMANS, CREATURES, ELEMENTS and LIFE FORMS is the ancient practice of all of our ancestors.

How is Animystica relevant to what we are facing as a species?

We all know that we are at a challenging time in the evolution of our species. We have concerns that there will not be time to repair the damage humans have created. This can lead to us feeling helpless, hopeless, angry and reactive.

ANIMYSTICA offers us a solution where we can care for ourselves, care for others in our lives, care for the village, and care for creation.

We honor all life as having Being, life force, and ensoulment. There is no loss of energy, just a change of forms.


Shares from our closing call in our most recent
Training Certification Program: ORIGINS
Intentional Creativity Guardian Training

Dr. Sue Boardman

Origins has truly been an Incarnational journey for me. My deepest beliefs and commitments have found life on the canvas and in my teachings… but mostly within me. I am new and utterly grateful!

Claire Oaks

The experience of being in IC Certification courses over the past three years has deepened my ability just to be. To sit into my being with joy and comfort. It has decreased the “striving” to become better and yet to own the wonder of who I am. Intentional Creativity has awakened the desire and confidence to share with the world, whether I am teaching, coaching, or just in day-to-day life, I have a deeper sense of who I am and what is mine to share. I have gained a truly awesome, supportive community, and the connection with them is priceless. Shiloh Sophia's relentless and abundant search for the best way to share her gifts with us is stunning and beautiful to behold. I am grateful for being on this path. I feel at once, Vibrant and Great Stillness everpresent… home with myself and with my fellow humans as we navigate this wild ride of life!

Crystal Steinberg

Teaching Intentional Creativity allows me to witness healing as it happens in joy, wonder, awe, and love while releasing trauma, anger, shame, and self-ridicule. . . which reflects healing in my life like a mirror,


I have found trust in my path and joy in doing what I do. I found a community to share and be with and to evolve my capacities together with people who are redoing similar things and understand the path that I’m on. That is so empowering. I never had this feeling before. So, I am going out now with my wisdom and certainty that it is the right thing for me and that there is the right path for everyone out there we just have to open to it. We are collecting wisdom for many lifetimes.

Susan Bessey

I received a sense of knowing I have a place in the world and that the world needs us. Nature needs us. There is so much to learn when I can be with whatever feelings I may feel; that is the greatest gift. My choice can come from a place where I do not have to feel there is something wrong for me to have uncomfortable feelings. Best of all, I do not need to stay stuck as long as I can use my powers of self-expression. I can soften around them and love myself for who I am. I am learning to live from my entire being, heart, mind, and soma. And as long as I do that, I feel whole.

Intentional Creativity is available to us for many lifetimes and not just this one.

Karen Godfrey

Intentional Creativity has given me a supportive pathway and practice to honor, celebrate, and creatively express all parts of myself.

Rhiannon Kimbrel 

I have a newfound trust in myself… I have opened the portal to a new way of being and felt the portal opening within me so that I can move forward and guide the way for others.

Marva Collins

I have moved from a small mind to embracing the largeness of who I am. I am waiting for the next step with eager anticipation. This is because of being intentional. Thank you for pointing out the path.

Kathleen Brigidina

Intentional Creativity and the Origins course work is an invitation to a new way of being and envisioning our collective present and future. It taught me new ways to strengthen our power of choice. Carrying with it deep wisdom and creative grounding in each of its teachings.


What Intentional Creativity has done for me is beyond words, but here are a few: I have learned a new and more demanding yet comfortable way to stretch myself into better perspectives and communication with everyone I am in contact with.   I have learned the importance & necessity of getting out of my own way to do the important things in my life.  And the importance of being Me and that going Rogue is ok, even necessary, in order to stay true to my path.

Bonnie Dhonau

Origins catalyzed a major shift in my life - into retirement and an "encore career" as an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guardian. I feel so supported through the community, MUSEA Guild, university, and the incredible depth of Shiloh's teachings, in addition to all the resources available to me as I step across the threshold into living my dream and my true divine purpose.

Origins has been an incredible catalyst for me. I completed a life of corporate and will now be an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guardian. My paintings teach me: Remember where you came from.

Ashley Merrit

The Origins Training opened up for me an ever-deepening. I have a profound appreciation for how much I am a part of Creation and all that exists and brought me to such a greater sense of who I am and what I am here to bring to the world. The power of Intentional Creativity opens up the possibility to make our lives into 100% curated creations of love and beauty. This is essential wisdom that must be shared, and the Origins course brought me tools and insights to be able to do that and so much more...

The Intentional Creativity community is a gift unto itself, and I am profoundly grateful to each incredible member for sharing vulnerabilities, struggles, and passions so bravely and transparently by which we all gained more illumination of ourselves and of our own personal and unique gifts and even deeper understanding of how necessary they are in the world. This course is uniquely powerful and transformative and brings vital awareness that is life-altering beyond anything I have ever experienced and brought love to the center of all of my choices.”


I have been on the path of claiming who I am and what my path of service is for more than 12 years, having taken many courses that promised I would find it, and I never did. Until I was part of Origins, the number of things I learned went well beyond the curriculum! I learned more about who I am, my divine remembrance, how to allow myself to belong, and how to fully surrender to the flow of life!

Michelle LaForest

Intentional Creativity has caused and is still causing me to be more fully who I am. Indeed, who I’ve always been. I’m an ARTIST! This is my tribe.  

MaryJo Briggs

Intentional Creativity and the Origins training gave me a way to re-experience life and practice making choices like never before. 

Tina Llewellyn

Since finding Intentional Creativity, I have created a deeper relationship with myself, others, and nature. I have become freer and richer in my life; I have gained more confidence in who I AM!  

Sylvia Becker Hill

Origins has strengthened my confidence as a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach and has expanded my vision of how to practically bring it into my business and personal life. I created and delivered my first in-person Intentional Creativity workshop since the fall of 2020, and it was such a transformational success for my participants, that I am now committed to offering them regularly throughout the year and it gives me glimpses of how my senior years could look like as a locally known Intentional Creativity teacher and play shop facilitator supporting me and my husband financially during our old age in a way that feels gentle, aligned and “non-business”.

I hadn’t thought of that before, yet when connecting with my cosmic and familial roots I was able to think a lot about aging and how to live my final years as well. Like an embracing of my lifetime.

Erika P

I am a changed person because I have walked this path with you allthrough the Intentional Creativity process and through the content of Origins.


This is my 4th year of practicing Intentional Creativity. The Profound message received during my first Legend continues to play out. Healing the dark places in my heart. Consciousness of Being painting the being was incarnating on Earth. My awareness was that my wisdom would be available to me for many lifetimes. I have infinite to make use of this information.

Gwen Baxter

The process of Intentional Creativity has given me a hook to hang my hat on. I was walking around with an amazing hat in my closet, but it felt like there was nowhere to wear it. Intentional Creativity has given me the tools to show not only that hat but that I have many hats. Now that I wear them, others see my hat and they’re inspired to wear a hat too! (Intentional Creativity is the hat—surprise!)

Apply TODAY!

"Each one of us is carrying internal imagery from our inner world. The image below was my breakthrough drawing at the age of 23. I called it the Mama of Mamas and it fundamentally changed the way I view my creativity and my relationship with creation. I had been studying art for years, but it wasn't until I found my own internal imagery that I discovered my own true voice." Shiloh Sophia

Shiloh Sophia and the MUSEA Community at the UNITED NATIONS for their panel at the COMMISSION on the STATUS OF WOMEN..


For 30 years, Curate Shiloh Sophia McCloud has devoted her Body of Work to nurturing the emergence of a conscious community through self-expression.

She has published eight books, taught her curriculum at three universities, spoken at the United Nations for eight years, financed over seven galleries centering on women’s art, and provided millions of dollars of jobs for women worldwide in the arts.

While McCloud is an artist, storyteller, and teacher, she is also a futurist who founded one of the world’s largest global art movements, MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity® and Consciousness, which serves tens of thousands of students monthly.

She teaches a ‘Path of Practice’ in the arts and offers ceremonies based on the Wheel of the Year to repair our relationship with ourselves, the earth, and one another.

McCloud is a prolific painter with many sold-out shows. She still paints weekly for personal exploration and in online Certifications guiding a diverse global audience in creative spiritual exploration.

She lives on MUSEA Ranch in Sonoma, California, with her husband, Jonathan, and their two kitties, Frida and Diego. The couple has a gallery on the Sonoma Plaza called, Musette Atelier and Apothecary, which functions as a Healing Arts Collective. The ranch is also campus featuring a classroom, film studio, kitchens, vineyard, and art studios.

Based on years of research on the impact of art, education, and leadership, the McCloud's founded a private university featuring an independent degree in the field of Intentional Creativity called a Curate.

There are over 800 graduates from their certification courses, and the graduates can become Guild Members and form the staff of MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity and Consciousness: A Museum, University, Sanctuary, Ecosystem, and Atelier.

At MUSEA Center, love is at the Center!

The voice you have been looking for is the one within you. Can you hear her speak?

"Native peoples, indigenous peoples have an understanding of quantum physics and quantum mechanics but just have different language for it. There is no end to the circle, it is actually the everything and the closely concurring nothingness. That place where time and space are moving through you, and you are the observer and the recipient of cosmic favor. Where is the jurisdiction of truth? It's in the unfolding of the layers of our existence. And how much in this life can you handle, can you allow, can you embrace without fear? Because the opposite of fear is awakening, and so it is! I believed that the beyond of quantum physics, is knowing the truth of one’s Soul and Spirit!"
~ Carmen Baraka