Hi You! Sometimes people get afraid when looking at time and money. Let's talk a breathe together and slow down. If this is for you - we will work with you. We offer in-house financial aid. The core training is virtual and can be financed at less then 300 a month. You can add in person gatherings by choice, it's optional. Let's explore.


Begins June 1, 2024 for 5 Months Virtually with 4 optional Retreats

There are limited spots available to speak with MUSEA CURATE, Shiloh Sophia so get cozy with a cuppa and take some time to share about yourself. This should take 15 minutes, but feel free to take as long as you'd like. The more we can know about you and your desire to join us, the better!

Once you apply, you will be invited you to schedule a 1:1 Interview with Shiloh Sophia



Fill out the Application TODAY and secure your seat for ANIMYSTICA 2024. Book your appointment.


Have your 1:1 Interview with Shiloh Sophia on Zoom to Explore your Ideal Training Path.


Reserve your spot during the call and celebrate 🎉 that you are investing in YOU and your personal education and development.

Prisma Gathering 2024 at MUSEA Sonoma. There is nothing better than being in person with your peers!

"Thank you doesn't suffice to express my deep gratitude for this transformative experience. I've grown and evolved, embracing Life 2.0. Shiloh's promises were fulfilled in Color of Woman, surpassing all my previous soul work. I feel fully embodied and excited to relaunch my services. The training was a class act, rooted in love. Grateful to the team, cohorts, and classmates." ~ 2022 Color of Woman Graduate Intentional Creativity Teacher, Lisa Martin Naimi: United States

Hello, Dear One!

I know it is a big deal to choose to spend your time and money on your education, as well as investing in your future and the future of life on earth. I honor your curiosity and now I am inviting you to apply so that we can interview you. I have opened my schedule and can't wait to talk with you ❤️


This is how we are supporting you to invest in what matters to you.

Total ANIMYSTICA VIRTUAL Training Investment = $6,497

You can pay in full or in four monthly installments with no finance fee and no credit check.
You can choose a longer payment plan with an 8.5% simple interest rate.
For those who need it, we also have a longer term plan for as low as $300 a month -
you must be in good standing with your current accounts.


Sonoma 5 Day Gatherings $1500
Mexico and Greece $6597
(see the
gatherings page for dates)

During this Enrollment Cycle:

  • We are not charging an application fee, $100 waived
  • We are not charging an initial deposit, $1500 waived
  • We are offering Financial Aid monthly plans to meet your budget.
  • We haven’t raised the price of Certification training for ten years - it fluctuates a bit depending on when you enroll.


We have a big promise for Animystica Training. The Promise is that we will co-create a sacred transformational space rooted in Intentional Creativity, discovery, and self-leadership. You will leave the experience with heightened self-awareness and capacity, and with a body of work to be proud of that represents your journey, including a book of your work. You will become an Intentional Creativity CURA of the Sacred Teachings - ours and yours.

Revisit the Curriculum page for all the juicy details about what is included.

WHAT: 5 Month Online Training with 4 In Person Gatherings, 2 in California and 1 in Greece

WHO: For you for personal and/or professional purposes

WHEN: June 1 Every Week for 5 Months. There are scheduled events, but you can do it on your own time.

HOW: Delivered LIVE Weekly so it is all FRESH, REAL TIME EXPERIENCES. Through a combination of Zoom and Livestream.

Shiloh Sophia delivers the Training LIVE in real-time. She is traveling with you.

Saying Yes Invites the Following

  • Your Seat: IN ANIMYSTICA and in The Cura Council - Our 500-year plan for the ceremony - we are actively training members to carry this into the future - those who come in person will most likely be the ones to pass on the teachings.
  • Instruction: The ENTIRE Curriculum
  • Ritual: Ceremony and Initiation into the Cura Archetype.
  • Studio Time: Four to eight hours in your studio.
  • Nature Time: Weekly forays into nature, no matter the weather.
  • Body of Work: Building your portfolio and making your book.
  • Bonus Trainings: Build your body of knowledge with many healing approaches and tools.


  • Two Major Paintings and 2 Minor Teachings (or more)
  • Your Portfolio - which serves as your material for certification.
  • Meditation, Movement, Metacognitive Drawing and Making Medicine Paintings
  • Connect with our Co-Creative Community and Connections in our private group in the iMusea app.

CERTIFICATION: If you choose to Certify - because you want to teach the content you are learning in your own circles, workshops, and for use with clients -you must complete all of the required coursework. There is a one-time fee of $250.

CREDENTIALS: For MUSEA University Students - Upon completion of the required curriculum, you are eligible for 9 University Academic Course Credits. Adding in-person gatherings increases by 3 credits per gathering.

TIME INVESTMENT: Most of the training will be delivered twice a week for five months that includes live, video, and calls. You will need to spend 4 hours a week to complete it in 5 months. How you engage with the material can be on your own schedule within the 5 months.

We are doing what we can to support your journey. Now it is your turn.


Our opening weekend for Animystica will begin with our Apothecary 5.0 Medicine Painting Experience, presented LIVE on Saturday and Sunday, June 1st and 2nd, broadcasted from the Mothership: MUSEA Sonoma, with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan as Co-Captains.

Check out the course invitation to read about it.

Signing up is unnecessary; Apothecary is included for Animystica students.

If you have taken Apothecary before, we encourage you to do it again! Many students join this training annually to gain fresh access to new wisdom based on their current situation. It is fun and mysterious!

Animystica will support you to ...

  • Relate with the significance of animism which offers a unique perspective on spirituality, connecting humans to the natural world and emphasizing the agency of all living beings. Its importance lies in its historical context, cultural significance, and relevance to understanding the human experience across time and space.
  • Connect to your imagination, enabling you to look beyond the visible into the invisible to create or enhance your unique “toolbox” of social, emotional, creative, physical, etc. protocols for ongoing personal and/or professional healing practices.
  • Deepen your intuition to balance your analytical thinking by accessing subconscious frameworks, thus enabling holistic perspectives and rapid decision-making.
  • Enhance your capacity to navigate your future so that you intentionally shape the path, experiences, and purpose.
  • Extend and embody empathy and compassion beyond our immediate circles to include all beings and ecosystems through ancestral wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in relationship with Earth.
  • Integrate with authentic self-expression through words, art, or other forms, to discover what makes you distinct leading to uncover hidden abilities and build upon existing ones for personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Embrace your individuality, find your purpose, and contribute positively to the world.


Do you have questions about our education at MUSEA?

About financial aid or our MUSEA University?

We are more than happy to answer your questions.

We recommend going through the Application as a discovery process first. If you still have a question after that - please email our Enrollment Director, Sarah Mardell, at