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Shiloh Sophia lives life as a great adventure! She is a Renaissance woman who communicates her philosophy through painting, storytelling, illustrations, and metacognitive drawing. For over 30 years she has dedicated herself to her soul work - the practice of creativity as a path of transformation and consciousness. Starting as a gallery owner, she has represented her work and hundreds of women artists during her career as a working artist and curator. Her devotion to sacred artmaking, specifically medicine painting and metacognitive drawing, is a personal spiritual practice. 

Her paintings are widely collected worldwide, and she achieved incredible success with her fine art and books by age 40. Her intuitive and contemplative painting process, called Intentional Creativity®, was eventually developed into teachings and trainings shared with thousands worldwide. She provided groundbreaking research on Intentional Creativity® as a pathway to healing through self-expression. Shiloh Sophia’s message of ‘creating with intention’ has now reached hundreds of thousands, with a consistent monthly enrollment of hundreds of new students in Intentional Creativity art classes. Shiloh Sophia’s online community has over 10,000 women, with consistent engagement from over 85% of members. The Intentional Creativity Movement may be one of the largest, most well-established art movements the world has ever seen. More than a style and a philosophy, it is a practice called by many ‘a lifestyle’.

Intentional Creativity is taught in University MA and Ph.D. programs, at the United Nations, and by over 600 Intentional Creativity® Teachers and Coaches worldwide. 

At the core of Shiloh Sophia’s work is a belief that the right to self-express is one of the most basic human rights. Her research and integrative approach to the healing power of Intentional Creativity dives into exploring the right/left brain connection with the innate wisdom of the heart, the knowings of the body, and interaction with and awareness of the field. She works with a philosophy of connection centered around the red thread, a talisman that teaches that we are all already connected and that each of us has a unique piece of the red thread to add to the weave.

She is the creator of over seven illustrated books and journals and is working on a series of mythic novels and an inspirational deck. Having been trained by her mother, Caron McCloud, the poet, and Sue Hoya Sellars, the painter, she brought her gifts of language and image into form. She offers her students the gift of a creative matriarchal lineage that brings with it a continued legacy of art culture, practice, process, and teachings.

To honor this matriarchal lineage and be of service to her 10,000+ member community, she and her husband, Jonathan McCloud, co-founded MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity®, of which Shiloh Sophia is the Curator for a visionary art permanent collection, as well as shows from emerging artists throughout the world through MUSEA’s physical and virtual museum. They provide education in their global online classroom as well as at their campus in Sonoma County, which features student housing, a wine bar called Musette, a vineyard, and a small farm. Shiloh can be found most days having tea with her muses, discussing quantum physics, and celebrating revelations of the heart.

Red Thread Letters: www.shilohsophiastudios.com

Shiloh Sophia Gallery: shilohsophiagallery.com

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Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Artist.Shiloh.Sophia

Shiloh Sophia Painting for Red Thread Training

Shiloh Sophia Illustration

Illustrating allows you to express your thoughts, emotions, and experiences visually. When you create art or illustrations, you delve into your inner world, exploring feelings, memories, and ideas.
By reflecting on your artwork, you gain insights into your psyche. This self-awareness is crucial for personal growth because it helps you understand your strengths, limitations, and motivations.

Shiloh Sophia at Altar

A spiritual altar holds profound significance in various cultures and spiritual practices. It is a sacred space bridging the physical and spiritual realms and symbolizes unity, reverence, and devotion. Creating an altar establishes a focal point for connecting with the divine as an energy conduit. By placing symbolic objects, crystals, or images on it, you communicate your intentions to the universe. This process, often called “altar work,” allows you to manifest your desires and goals.

Shiloh Sophia preparing to Paint.

Painting holds profound significance for personal growth and creative expression allowing us to bypass our analytical mind and tap into our inner wisdom and instincts. Through Intentional Creativity we create images, a symbolical lexicon that is unique to each person. It liberates you from the need to create a flawless masterpiece, fostering experimentation and playfulness. Come Play with Us in Animystica!

Shiloh Sophia Ceremonial Drum.

The essence of ceremonial drumming is more than music—it’s a bridge between the earthly and the spiritual, a heartbeat that resonates across time and cultures. Drums serve as a universal language that transcends language barriers. Their rhythms evoke emotions, call spirits, and create a sense of unity. They accompany births, deaths, marriages, and religious rituals, carrying messages through the air.